The young people in your church are world changers.

Created uniquely, and surrounded by parents, pastors and other caring adults, these students have the potential to make an incredible impact on their generation and in their world!

However, because of the pervasive cultural norm of expecting very little of our young people, their abilities and God-given potential often remain buried – undiscovered and underutilized.

Your role – as an adult positioned to love and disciple students – couldn’t be more crucial. As you help young people learn to follow Christ, you’re investing directly in building God’s Kingdom!

But staying focused on deep discipleship is tough. The pressures of ministry, the reality of student’s schedules, and the broken nature of our world cause many church’s discipleship efforts to be entertainment-driven. Providing fun or cool programming that students will (hopefully) show up to. Many youth workers now recognize that this is not a healthy model for discipleship.
But what other options exist?

Christian Endeavor provides that answer. Since 1881, we’ve been inspiring, equipping and encouraging churches in student discipleship. Our approach isn’t revolutionary (you don’t need another gimmick or add-on to your ministry), it’s tangible, intentional & biblical.

Through a driving belief that “we’re better together”, you’ll have access to a team with over 200 years of combined youth ministry experience (our current staff and board members), and to a global movement that includes over 10,000 churches in 35 countries around the world. All focused on developing students who are committing their lives to Christ daily and actively engaging their faith.