What's our Approach?

Christian Endeavor exists to INSPIRE, EQUIP and ENCOURAGE churches to Biblically develop youth as Christ-centered leaders.

INSPIRE - C.E. inspires people in churches around the world to do ministry with youth. Unleashing the Holy Spirit’s power through teenagers’ lives allows young people to grow as they serve. This process also effectively impacts people God places around these young people. C.E. opens people’s eyes to a discipleship process that invests in building teens into Christ’s likeness. It does this through real impact stories via blog posts, newsletters, email, speaking at public venues and in any other form the Lord allows. We do this so people all over the world recognize how “Unleashing Christian Youth” can change the world for Christ.

EQUIP - C.E. coaches adults to come alongside young people in order to help them lead their ministry. This is done through creating relevant trainings in various formats and writing development resources. These resources all lead adults to the place where they can be prepared to guide young people toward meaningful service living.

ENCOURAGE - People become tired doing the most important tasks. Yes, building disciples follows God’s Biblical directive. However, this work becomes incredibly tiring and can cause depression and lost enthusiasm. God provided each person with courage. We need to “en”-courage people so that they don’t become “dis”-couraged. C.E. carries out the encouragement step by having team members available to listen or answer questions via various communication forms. C.E. also encourages by sharing victories that are occurring and reaching out with periodic contact to lift up youth workers who are carrying out C.E.