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Through CE, God has empowered young people around the world for over 140 years. A pivotal ingredient of this ongoing impact is the dynamic connection among churches involved in the CE movement. Since CE's inception, churches have organically formed connections, grown in relationship, and worked to collaborate with one another. This continues today! Churches network together based on a number of factors. Possibilities include:

  • a mutual desire to empower the next generation
  • common connections (people group, denomination)
  • geographic proximity


These connections are known as National Networks.


This resource provides an explanation of how to have a thriving CE National Network. Both the requirements and expectations of a CE National Network are outlined. Some of these items have been recently defined in order to provide greater clarity across the movement.


It is critical in every place where CE is found, whether in a region of the world active for many years or a place introduced to CE in the last few months, that alignment exists as people understand the movement's principles and purpose. Please do not assume that your CE network needs no adjustments because it is large or advanced in years! Alignment across CE's National Networks is paramount in order to advance the cause of Jesus Christ through this movement.

National Networks

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