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Reach & Empower Young People for Christ & the Church



Advance the Gospel





Advance the Gospel Exponentially

Young People are often Unprepared,
Disconnected & Discouraged

Friendship Love

Most church children, teens and young adults are not empowered with the basic knowledge of Christ & His church, or equipped with the necessary skills to lead for God's purposes.

The majority of local church leaders and young people in their congregations lack one strategic relationship that influences their ministry in any noticeable way

Young people are exiting the local church in countries around the globe because they are tired of being part of an institution that ignores their potential & passion

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Local Church Pastors & Leaders Are Uniquely
Positioned to Impact Lives for Eternity 

Empower Young People for Impact Now & in the Future

Exponentially Increase Resources & Connections That Bring Encouragement

Experience a Renewed Sense
of Purpose
as You Participate
in the Global
Body of Christ

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Growing Global Network

For over 140 years, C.E. has helped churches build thriving ministries. Our ongoing translation work with local translators allows C.E.'s unique & proven discipleship materials to be availalbe in a growing number of languages.

Five world regions nominate leaders to provide encouragement and direction as you minister and lead locally.

C.E. actively connects with local churches and ministries in over 38 countries. This global network continues to grow and strengthen.


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